Twenty One

Yesterday was my birthday. I so wanted to be writing about how my twenty first birthday was the best yet. There were so many reasons for it to be. But, of the birthdays I can remember, it ranks near the bottom. I’m not a big fan of alcohol, so going out to a bar was never even a consideration for me. All I wanted was a day with my niece followed by a family dinner and some champagne. And that is what I got. But nothing went above and beyond that in any way. I went to bed feeling disappointed and hoping that this wasn’t foreshadowing the year ahead.

So, I’ve decided to write a shortened version of the post I wanted to write anyways. But now it isn’t about looking good; it’s about reminding myself of my many blessings. In the grand scheme of things, an off birthday doesn’t matter that much. But being grateful for all of my blessings is one of the most, if not the most, important things I can do in my life.

So, here goes. Instead of writing about twenty one of the things I am most grateful for, here are a few of the things that had me counting my blessings this week.

Since J learned how to play the rope game, one of Cocoa’s ropes has been rapidly unraveling. I got him a new rope for MY birthday. That’s how much I love him! He was so excited and it has become his new favorite!

This weirdo was on a roll the other night. My dad told him he was wonderful and all of a sudden he was begging for corn (and eating some) and following us out to the pool. He kept a safe distance, but he even walked back in with us after the swim. When I settled in on the couch, he snuggled up next to me and started purring. He is by far my favorite cat.

That same night, we had a spectacular sunset! I’m a sucker for a good sunset!

She was feeling a little under the weather yesterday, but her puppy made her smile within the first three minutes of her arrival at grandma’s house! Nothing can melt me faster than that smile.

This guy is so good at conversing with animals and babies. It takes me back to the days when I called him “daddy” and makes me so excited for the days when J can finally understand and laugh at her grandpa. (Although she already laughs at him several times a day)

This. Cake. It may be the best decision I made yesterday. Mmmmm. Extra moist vanilla cake with raspberry filling and whipped cream. We also made some homemade vanilla ice cream to go with it. It was simply divine.

One week old. Hard to believe that we’ll be celebrating her first birthday in less than two months!

I think the best few minutes of my week happened yesterday morning when J fell asleep on me. There’s something so special about a baby falling asleep in your arms. As I looked down at her, I couldn’t believe how big she’s gotten! Most of our interaction during her first few months consisted of her sleeping on me. But, she’s almost one. Time flies.

Even though the first day of my twenty first year wasn’t what I’d hoped it would be, I am encouraged by the fact that there were still moments of complete joy sprinkled in. No matter what this next year holds, I’m looking forward to more of those moments.


Must Love Babies

I wasn’t planning on being a crazy baby person today, but then a little baby fell asleep on my shoulder and all I could think about is how much I love her. So here’s what she’s been up to at grandma’s house over the last few weeks.

She’s started wearing her sunglasses more often and I can’t stand how cute she looks!

I love these next few–my dad and I had gone to pick up my new phone (!) and stopped to get some coffee on the way home. J was pretty interested in my dad’s frappuccino so we let her try some!

20150410_112824 20150410_113426_001 20150410_113442_001

Of course a second after this next picture was taken, half of the remaining drink was all over the table…20150410_113445_009

And then she was feeling SOOO happy! Gee, I wonder how that happened 😉

And later that day, she was interested in the kitty!


It’s too bad she doesn’t have any pets that love her…


Here we go…


Let’s really grab him now!

Oh no! Where is kitty going?!


Okay, so maybe Charlie isn’t quite to the loving stage yet.

But J is definitely loving her swing!

20150410_155620Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go play with a little girl and her puppy! It’s a rough life, but, you know, someone’s gotta do it!

I Just Don’t Know About Him

This cat. I just don’t know about him.

I’ve never been a cat person, but this one may be changing me.

He does all of those despicable cat things, like walking right in front of me causing me to trip and bringing in decapitated mice, birds, rabbits, etc.


And then he does things like this.



And I have to grab the camera every single time.


Eventually he gives me that face. And about 10 seconds later, he gets up and either waddles (he’s getting pretty fat) or sprints off.

I just don’t know about this guy.

Happy Monday!

Bye Bye Bunny!

Unfortunately, the Easter Bunny didn’t make it out of my house alive yesterday.

This boy brought in an impressive sized rabbit yesterday morning and even ate off the foot (he must’ve really wanted some good luck!).


I have to applaud his timing. Him bringing in a huge rabbit Easter morning is just too crazy.

He likes to window shop. And occasionally try to catch a snow shovel on the other side of the window.
He likes to window shop. And occasionally try to catch a snow shovel on the other side of the window.

He is seriously a serial murderer.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs soon as the snow is gone, he brings us a present pretty much every day.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe also makes me laugh on a daily basis.

Cats are smart, right?
Cats are smart, right?

We can’t figure this out, but apparently he likes puzzles. He has to get his paws on every puzzle we pull out.


IMG_2990He also loves Cocoa’s ropes. A holdover from his doggy days?



Sometimes he thinks he’s the King of the Jungle.

20131013_113613But after he does all of these things, he needs a little cat nap…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA…which is exactly how he spent the rest of the day yesterday.

If he was awake, I’m sure Charlie would wish you all a happy (and belated) Easter!

You’re Not a Dog Anymore!

This was one of his chores when he was a dog.
This was one of his chores when he was a dog.

Ever since we got Charlie almost 5 years ago, we’ve had this theory that he’s actually our old dog, Larry, reincarnated. Now, we don’t know what Larry did to deserve this–we thought he was a pretty good guy!

Logistically it works out. Larry died in early June 2010 and Charlie picked us on my birthday in August 2010. And I’m not kidding when I say he picked us. We walked around the kitty room at the shelter and as we walked past Charlie’s cage, he stuck his paw out and started waving at us. When we looked into his eyes, he started meowing and wouldn’t stop until I held him. If that doesn’t mean “take me home,” I don’t know what does.

We had also never had a dog and cat become buddies as fast as Cokie and Charlie did. We think that’s because they already knew each other and they just had to get used to the fact that Larry was now a cat named Charlie.

They play more than any other dog and cat I’ve seen, they kiss each other, they share food, they’re the perfect hunting team, and they still love to clean up the dishes together!

Larry definitely had to coach Cocoa on how to clean the dishes and make sure the door was spotless before we started it up and they used to double team it. One on the dishes, one on the door.

Now Cocoa does the dishes and Charlie does the door.

Larry the dog.
Larry the dog.

I love ya, Lare Boy. Thanks for coming back, even if it is as a cat.

Charlie, even though you’re not a dog anymore, feel free to keep acting like one!