Monday Morning Thoughts

How do you store all of your digital pictures? Seriously, I’m asking.

The thought was brought up by a snide remark from my mom regarding the number of pictures I keep. I’ve always known that she’s approved of me taking pictures, but is simultaneously disgusted by the amount that I don’t delete. “I would only need 50 pictures a year, max!” (An unfortunate result of being raised by a hoarder is that she goes too far the other way.)

I currently have them stored on 2 different computers (in different formats–edited and non-edited), an external hard drive, a time machine, Google Photos, Amazon Photos and Flickr. Not to mention in their original versions on memory cards and my phone’s SD card. Oh, yeah, and I have a collection of physical photo books using only the best pictures (which are also stored online).

That sounds like a lot, but somehow I feel like I’m not covered. I’m trying to get more comfortable with the ‘delete’ button. I really only delete the pictures that are blurry or were mistakes. My mom’s comments bother me because I know, to a degree, she’s right.

I recently deleted an entire album of about 1,500 pictures from my phone because I needed to free up space for app updates (sound familiar?). While I hadn’t actually looked at them since I got this new phone (they were transferred over from my last phone), it was still a painful experience. I triple checked that I had them backed up on the computer and Flickr before deleting, but still. Painful.

I want to be able to clear up space on my phone and the computers without it being an emotional thing every time. But I also want to be confident that I have a solid plan that can handle my excessive photo taking hobby.

Now that I’m writing all of this out and seeing it on “paper,” I’m realizing that this isn’t about the actual process of storing and backing up the pictures (And that I actually have them stored in a lot more places than I thought). It’s about being confident enough that the snide remarks don’t affect me.

There seems to be a common thread here…

How’s that for Monday morning?

Screenshot 2016-01-18 14.26.24


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