I was reminiscing during the little girl’s nap today and stumbled across this post from last summer. It’s not a memory that comes to mind often, so I’m really glad that I wrote it down. I don’t ever want to forget it.

My emotions have been living especially close to the surface lately, and rereading that post this afternoon pretty much made me melt. All of those emotions came flooding back.

I went in to check on Juliana after reading it, and she was sitting up in her crib smiling sleepily at her “meow.” She turned and looked up at me and immediately reached up to be held. She accepted my kiss (which she’s been starting to scold me for (“No!”)) and then really let one rip. We both giggled and she informed me that she wanted to sit on the “pah-ee.”

I did my funny little run to the potty with her in my arms. She was still showing off that charming little sleepy smile. I set her down to do her business and I could feel my love for her radiating out of me. I realized I had that big, stupid grin on my face.

Then out of the blue, she touched my nose. “Nossse.” Then she pointed at my eyes. “Eyesss.”

And then she looked right into my eyes and, with the sweetest little smile, cheerfully said “Hi!”

I couldn’t contain the giggles and I could feel my eyes starting to water.

I told her I loved her and she tried to repeat it.

There are just no words to describe how much I love that girl. No amount of “I love you’s,” hugs, or kisses will ever be enough.

never want to forget this feeling.


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