It’s May! Yay!

Screenshot 2016-02-08 12.49.01

This girl has been at our house all month! Okay, so it’s only May 2nd. But she did have another AWESOME sleepover here last night!

I hope this becomes a semi-regular thing, because I FREAKING LOVE IT. I’m actually less stressed about all things baby today than I am when we only have her for the day. I think we kind of get in a groove.

This is actually a perfect tie-in, because the weather is just starting to really take a permanent turn towards summer (I hope) and the caption on the calendar this month is “It’s almost Summer!” Juju is wanting to spend almost all of her time here outside, and I don’t blame her.

This girl loves dresses. And she loves to go outside and play in her dresses. Well, this is dress season. (She also loves pulling her dress up and showing off her belly!)

Unlike her daddy, she actually didn’t mind grass from the first time we set her down in it. Last year, before she was really mobile, she actually seemed to prefer laying on the grass instead of a blanket. This year, she’s all about cleaning the grass. She collects twigs and dandelions. Her car is getting a little full.

And she is the ultimate water baby. She LOVES getting wet. She especially loves getting her clothes wet! A swimsuit is fun, (and usually means swimming in the big person pool!) but it means business. Getting her clothes wet means it was more spontaneous.

This year she is much more adventurous with the “toys” around the yard. She has a biiiig slide and a baby slide, a baby swing and a large disc swing, a water table, wind chimes, a shovel, two ladders, a pogo stick, a big fence, a garden cart, a baby car, a baby tractor, and two golf carts. And she loves them all. And wants to go outside and do each activity every day.

And in about a month she’ll also have a baby pool and a big person pool to swim in. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

But it makes her happy.

I’ll try to get everything organized and actually write a post about our little sleepover last night, because it’s worth sharing. Everything actually went extremely smoothly. So far.

Check back next month for another page from the calendar! Hint: it has to do with the person (person, not animal) she talks about most (behind mommy and daddy, of course!).

Happy Monday and Happy May!

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