Read a Book With Silly Rhymes

We only had one day with the babe last week, but it was a good one!


After her nap, she was in a reading mood. She brought her three new favorite books over to grandpa, got her sippy and her puffs, and climbed up on the couch next to him.


I have never seen her so patient. Usually she’ll bring you a book, sit in your lap, let you read three pages and then she’ll leave to find the next one.


She actually let grandpa read the whole book each time.

“Seriously, grandpa. Read it again!”

She even asked for more Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. She loves the “OH, NO!”


She’s starting to warm up to The Tickle Monster. It’s still not a book that she’ll completely sit through, but there are times when it’s the best thing ever. This was somewhere in the middle.

“Llama needs his fuzzy near…”
“But, FUZZY LLAMA ISN’T HERE!” (To which she usually responds “Oh, no!”)

She also loves her Llama Llama books. She hadn’t seemed very interested in this book, so I was (pleasantly) surprised when she handed it to grandpa! She really likes to read Llama Llama Nighty Night before she goes to sleep (“…read a book with silly rhymes…”).

And how can I not share these adorable pictures (even if they’re unrelated)? She loves her rainboots! She wanted to wear them pretty much all day!

Ugh, she’s such a little sweetheart! And I get to have another sleepover with her this week! Yay!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Screenshot 2016-01-18 14.26.24


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