Stop Growing!

Being an only child and the youngest cousin, I often looked to friends’ families for my baby-time. One of my best friends from grade school got a little sister while we were still in the prime of our Barbie phase.

I remember getting the call from my friend when her sister was born asking which of the two names they were going between I would prefer. I remember meeting her the day she came home from the hospital. I remember playing with her in the car on the way home from school. I remember holding and snuggling her every chance I got. I remember babysitting her throughout the years.

She’s 12 now.

I feel so old.

She didn’t have school on Friday, so she texted me asking if she could come over and play with Juliana.

It was so surreal to see the baby I snuggled at that age playing with my niece (which was also hard to imagine 12 years ago)!

Juliana loved having a new friend to play with! She wanted to go outside and show off her swings and her climbing abilities and her llamas. She wanted to show off all of her toys, favorite hiding spots, multitude of books (short attention span when asked if she wanted to read one of the books), and her most recent charm: saying “Oh no!”

We were all a little sad when JuJu’s new best friend had to go home, but it was time for a nap!

After the nap, grandma let her play in the water and, surprise surprise, her clothes got a little wet. We changed her shirt and tried to put pants on her, but she did NOT want them. And when we were sorting her clothes, we came across some flip flops from last summer and she wanted to wear those for the rest of the day!

She’s such a silly girl!

This is the outfit she greeted her second new best friend in! A friend that I hadn’t seen in a while came by later in the day and Juliana greeted her at the door and pretty much walked right into her arms. I was very pleasantly surprised with that greeting–she usually clings and gets really shy when she’s meeting someone new.

It was a perfect–perfect–day! Both of my “babies” did some major growing up. Now they can stop!

Screenshot 2016-01-18 14.26.24


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