Don’t Judge a Day by its Morning

I’ve had the same idea for a post pretty much every day this week, but I decided that it was too whiny and I’m really trying to cut the whine in every aspect of my life (negative side effect of being a kind-of-only-child). The thing that all the days had in common is that based on the mornings, they could have been pretty crappy. But somewhere along the way, I decided to do something about it and it completely turned around.

This happens to me a lot, and this turning it around stuff is relatively new for me. It isn’t even always a conscious decision. Sometimes I really do think, Okay all I have to do is get up. Get moving. But some days, like today, it happens more like this: Mom’s home already?! Turn off the music. Dry your hair. Put the dishes away. Wipe the counter. “Mom, would you like some shrimp scampi for lunch?”

The motivation may change, but the end result is the same: I have been accomplishing more things in a day than I probably ever have and it’s making me feel so great! I attribute this to growing up, but it feels so much more earth-shattering to me. All of a sudden I have the motivation to move more, watch my diet, cook (even more) meals, go outside (I’ve never been an outdoorsy type), go to bed whenever the hell I want (even if it’s only 9:30!), and be more gutsy in general. A few years ago, none of that could be said about me.

I’m beginning to feel really comfortable in my own skin. And I’m no longer fighting the fact that I’m becoming my mother. After making her some shrimp scampi for lunch (of which she had three servings), we went down to the garage with the intent of planting some seeds, but ended up assembling a swing for the babe. And I enjoyed it.

I don’t necessarily want to say that I’m getting more open-minded (if this crazy presidential election has taught me anything, it’s that I definitely know my core values and beliefs and am not easily swayed in another direction!), but I’m learning that the day isn’t over until it’s over. There’s always time to turn it around. As long as you want to turn it around, you can. You have to want to.

I have learned not to judge a day by its morning. And it’s making me a better (and happier) person.

Screenshot 2016-01-18 14.26.24


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