I Think This is Called Bliss

I am so happy.

I think this is called bliss.

I realize that it is definitely not a lot of people’s idea of bliss, but it is mine.

We got an extra day with the babe because she’s not feeling 100%.

Don’t Wait Too Long by Madeline Peyroux is playing on a loop, Juju and I are all alone, she’s playing in her little toy corner, and I’m lying on the floor next to my puppy thinking about how wonderful life can be while staring at this rattle Juju loved about a year ago, when she was just learning how to roll over.


She peeked up from behind her book shelf and yelled “OWL!”

Then she quietly laid on top of me for all of 10 seconds before sitting up and bouncing.

Every Monday should be like this.

I think she agrees.


Time for a nap!

Screenshot 2016-01-18 14.26.24



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