I started sharing my Juliana-themed calendar with you all last month. As promised, here is the collage for March.

Screenshot 2016-02-08 12.48.34

Indeed. There is always time for a snack!

Man, this girl loves her food. (Or is it “Woman, this girl loves her food?”) She started eating real, grown-up people food the second her pediatrician said it was okay and hasn’t looked back.

Her first love, which we often forget, was a banana. She loved bananas. And therefore had at least one full banana every day she was with us. She took a little break from them last fall, but has recently been asking for “nana eese!” (Translation: banana please!)

Then she discovered raspberries. Oh boy (or is it “Oh girl?”) did she discover raspberries. She would literally sit at the base of the raspberry bushes in her backyard and pick them off one by one and smash them onto her face. Occasionally some would make their way into her mouth, but she definitely had some pink hair (and cheeks. and nose.) for a while. Naturally, her birthday cake was vanilla with layers of pureed raspberries and whipped cream. I think she liked it…

Then she found the fruit that would come to save her parents a lot of aggravation: apples. By the time apple season rolled around, she was walking all over the place. My mom thought it would be fun to have her help pick up the apples on the ground to feed to the llamas. The apples she picked up never actually made it to the llamas, though. They did, however, find their way into her mouth. If we didn’t stop her, she would sit and eat an entire apple. I mean core and all. We had a bumper crop of apples this year, so my mom decided to try dehydrating them again. (She had tried years earlier and didn’t like the end result. Secret ingredient: cinnamon sugar!) The girl was addicted. When she was upset, they were one of the only things that could stop the crying. Her parents made sure there was always a bag of dehydrated apples in the diaper bag.

Now she’s a Mac & Cheese girl. It’s not that she’s not adventurous–she seems to try anything at least once. But when we can’t think of anything else to make for her or just can’t find anything, Mac & Cheese will go down fast. She has also started to really love pickles and pears.

And her faces while she eats! Ah, I can’t stand how cute she is! She is definitely a foodie baby. And Foodie Babies Wear Bibs.

Screenshot 2016-01-18 14.26.24


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