My Millie

Monday was a hard day for more than one reason. My parents had a business crisis that I don’t care to get into, it was my grandma’s birthday (who I never got to meet), and we were forced to say goodbye to this sweetie.


Millie has always been my favorite llama. She was blind in one eye, but that didn’t stop her from being the most personable llama we’ve ever had. She loved people. She would run over to the fence when she saw you walking by and would happily eat anything you brought her. Unlike the others, she loved to have her neck or back rubbed. She was a piggy, but she was such a sweet piggy.

We knew this was coming eventually. Within the past 12 months, we have gone from five llamas down to two. Three of the five were approaching 20 years old. Millie was the oldest. Her daughter, Lily, was the first to go, last February. We never thought that the only “original” llama would be one of the last two standing. (We got the four girls to keep Fenwood company after his buddy Edgar died more than ten years ago.)

I couldn’t bear to go out and help my parents move her. I didn’t want to see her like that. Juliana and I watched through the window as they pulled her out of the pasture and I started to tear up.

Rosie, the baby of the bunch (who was the only one born here), wouldn’t leave Millie’s side. Before they dragged Mil out of the pasture, Rosie stood over her and nudged her, waiting for her to get up. As I’m writing this, almost two hours later, she’s still standing right next to Millie on the other side of the fence. Millie was always more of a mother to Rosie than Sugar, Rosie’s mom.


Millie is the reason Juliana loves llamas. She was even starting to say “Millie.” Millie would always let Juliana “pet” her and feed her. And now Juliana will have no real memory of her.

I guess I always knew that this death would hit me hard, but it still shocked me. I can’t even put into words what she meant to me. When I start to look at pictures of her, I get really emotional.

She was the reason love llamas.


Rest in peace, Mil. I love you.


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