Exactly What I Needed

This week has been exactly what I needed. I got back into blogging, had a sleepover with my favorite person, worked “overtime,” cooked to my heart’s content, caught up on my guilty pleasures, started working out again and discovered a new “diet.”

We just got back from our annual trek to Hawaii a little over a week ago and by Tuesday we were all pretty much fully adjusted to home life again. My brother and his wife, however were not. They had just landed that morning and both courageously decided to go to work. My parents gladly took J off their hands for the day and offered to keep her overnight so they could crash. They gladly accepted the offer and we got to spend a few more hours with the little babe. I love those sleepy baby snuggles!

The family I nanny for needed me to cover two more days this week, so I ended up working four days in a row, which I thought would be kind of stressful. Thought. Surprisingly, I actually loved it. It created a little bit more space between me and J, so I could really just be the fun aunt and not a disciplinarian. It also allowed me to bond with the kids more and I feel like we took a huge step in that respect this week. They also got to meet J! My parents brought her over one day and the cuteness was unbearable. There were lots of hugs and kisses!

Oh my goodness, did I cook this week. Last weekend my mom asked me if I would make some freezer meals. I ended up assembling 2 pans each of Chicken Spaghetti and Baked “Ziti” (I used Mostaccioli, although Ziti is pictured below) and making nearly 7 dozen meatballs. One of the pans of Baked “Ziti” ended up with my brother and his wife for dinner Tuesday night (the night we also took their daughter off their hands-they were feeling very appreciative!). I also made Meatloaf (which I’m very quickly falling head over heels in love with, by the way), Asian-Style Chicken with Peppers, Oven-Roasted Barbeque Chicken and Campanelle with pancetta and tomatoes. Oh, and the cookies. Coffee. Cocoa. Chocolate Chunks. Chopped Pecans. Mmmmm! SO delicious!

Ahh, yes. Guilty pleasures. Without disclosing what specifically I watch, I’ll just say that I really enjoy the how-fast-can-I-clear-out-the-DVR game. I’m only down about 10%, but I’m working on it right now.

Last summer I figured out the best motivation for me while exercising: reading. Once I get into a book, it’s really easy for me to get lost in it. I also have this fear of people seeing me sweaty, so I tend to only workout when I’m home alone and can shower immediately after. I’ve had quite a bit of alone time this week and I just happened to have a book to finish from Hawaii, so it worked out perfectly. I love how I feel after working out and I really enjoy reading, so I’m hoping this will stick.

We saw some gorgeous sand art while in Hawaii and actually went back to a store right before we left to buy some. Well, it has become an obsession. Hours can pass while watching the sand fall. It ended up on the kitchen counter and my dad and I have spent a few nights this week parked in front of that rather than the TV. We also discovered that, unlike TV, it’s easy to carry on a conversation while watching the sand and you don’t feel the need to eat. We have both already seen the effects of a few nights with no snacking. Hey, whatever works.


Screenshot 2016-01-18 14.26.24


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