So Many Stories: Juliana

Earlier this week, I wrote about all of the non-Juliana stories from the past 2 months. Well, now it’s her turn. This is the fun one!

It was Juliana’s birthday! She turned ONE. SHE’S ONE. ONE.

She wore a tutu. A PINK TUTU.

And ate cake. (After she took off her PINK TUTU)

She ate grapes.

She liked One Direction.


And learned how to empty the dishwasher.

Her way.

She picked her own grapes.

She went for a long walk.

But had to take an apple break halfway through.


And thought she was a puppy.

She discovered the golf cart.

And then refused to get off of it.

More than once.

She discovered toilet paper.

Little Miss Juliana got spoiled. (What’s new?!)


Juliana was a daredevil.

Juliana was a silly babe.

Juliana was a sweetie pie.


And I just have to add this picture from a few days ago. I served as a baby mattress for nearly two hours.

And I loved it! Because I love that girlie.


So Many Stories

I have so many pictures and so many stories that I’d like to share with you all, but it’s hard to know where to begin. After looking through all the pictures, I’ve decided to start with the non-Juliana version and I’ll follow up later this week with the Juliana version, since she pretty much consumes my thoughts. That girl gives me enough pictures and stories to fill up way more than just one post!

So here’s what I’ve been up to for the past two months, excluding Juliana.

It was my mom’s birthday.


We surprised her at work with an orchid and her favorite lunch: root beer and a tomato sandwich. We also surprised her with flowers and sappy cards when she got home! What a lucky lady!

It was my brother’s birthday.

I added a new feature wall in my bathroom.

We picked grapes. (Many, many, many, many more pails than just this)

We made grape juice. (Many, many more batches than just this)


My poppies bloomed.


My Begonia bloomed.


We cleaned out the pantry.

The leaves turned.


I picked lots of Hydrangeas.

There were pears on our tree.


But the birds got them first.

I made cookies.


Apples fell.


We made many apple pies, dehydrated apples and apple roses.


Tomatillos fell.

We made lots of salsa verde.

I carved a pumpkin.

And then I carved a bigger pumpkin.


And then I carved a baby pumpkin.


Charlie was…Charlie. (That’s Cocoa’s collar)

IMG_1079 IMG_1091


And Cocoa continued to be the sweetest.

I’ll follow up later this week with all of the (abbreviated) Juliana stories from the past 2 months!