The Extended Celebration

Yesterday my dad told me that he always feels like he gets an extended celebration for his birthday because it’s always within days of Father’s Day. This year was the longest gap between the two, with five days between them. So, in that spirit, I think the man deserves another post.

But honestly, even if he hadn’t set that up so perfectly, I would’ve been posting about Fathers Day anyway because it was one of my all-time favorites.

It started out as all Father’s Days seem to start for us: church, exchange a birthday gift or two and go out for breakfast. He decided that instead of going to our usual breakfast spot, he wanted to go down to Stillwater. It was very busy, but it was such a gorgeous day that I didn’t even mind.

We ate our breakfast, spent some time in an antique bookstore, where he seemed to find the most peculiar books, got some popcorn from one of my favorite “candy” stores (I never get candy there–only popcorn!) and took a walk along the river.

I love this town so much. I’m so glad it’s my home.


(I was in a picture-taking mood, but he wouldn’t stop talking so this was as good as it got! I tried to get both of my parents to take a decent family selfie, but they weren’t catching on.)

I love him even though he talks during pictures.

When we got home, we sat in the “dorm room” and talked and ate some popcorn while my mom looked through some catalogs and became inspired. After yelling at us for being so stupid and goofy (aka happy) she started researching various things, including zip lines.

I’ve wanted a zip line for like, ever. My uncle made one in his backyard when I was younger and I loved riding it whenever we were there. We have the perfect yard for a zip line. I used to imagine flying through the woods from our tree house to the “front” yard. So naturally that was the first place we scouted out.

We literally spent an hour walking around the yard and measuring distances between trees. It became a mission. We have a family party coming up in three weeks and my mom is determined to have it ready to go by then. We finally decided on a shorter and less exciting place, which we figured would be a good place to learn about zip lining. We’ll eventually move it somewhere more exciting.

Anyway, we ordered the zip line kit and I started on the dinner my dad requested: enchiladas.

He saw The Pioneer Woman making them on TV Saturday morning and said “That looks like a good meal! Maybe we should have that tomorrow!” Honestly, I was kind of leary about it–I’ve never really liked that sort of thing. But I was excited to make something new and different. I liked the flavors, but didn’t like the texture. It needed some crunch, in my opinion. But my parents genuinely loved it, so I would consider that a win!

We finished the meal off with whipped cream and assorted berries–doesn’t get any better.

After we stuffed ourselves full of whipped cream, my dad wanted to embrace the sunlight on the longest day of the year by going for a golf cart ride. The sky was so gorgeous. I could’ve stayed out there taking pictures until it got really dark. But this was his day.


When we came in, we all fell asleep watching The Judge on TV.

And this morning, the first thing my dad said to me was “That really was a nice Father’s Day. Thank you.”


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