Deep Dark Secret/Blast from the Past

So, funny story. I sent a letter and assorted items to One Direction in the height of my love for them (which was very unlike me–and I made sure to tell them that, too.). That was 2 years ago.

This came in the mail today.


I had completely forgotten. And to be honest, I had kind of lost interest in them. But that’s how it goes, right?

My mom asked if I was going to get rid of it. To which I promptly and matter-of-factly said “absolutely not.”

And, okay I have to confess something. I always hated Zayn. I can’t even say it was secretly–I openly disliked him. A lot. So there’s this little part of me that loves the timing of this. (For those of you who don’t know–although how could you not?–Zayn left the band a few months ago.) I never wanted his autograph and I didn’t get it!

In case you were wondering what else I sent them (I know you are), I directed the letter at Harry because he is a dirty little Packer fan and I wanted to send some Vikings gear. They love tattoos and Harry has a Packer tattoo so I sent some temporary Vikings tattos and one of a few towels we got at a Vikings/Packer game.

Anyway, little blast from the past for me and a chance for you all to learn one of my deep dark secrets that I never thought I would ever reveal on here: I was a Directioner.


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