Through the Years

My room has changed a lot through the years. A few days ago I shared the recent changes but I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane!

Let me start by saying that my room was originally the master bedroom. We remodeled our house when I was about 5 and my parents turned our family room into a luxurious master suite so I got their old digs. Not too shabby for a 5-year-old!

But this has made my room hard to arrange. I like to shake things up in a big way every few years and when I reached the age when a double bed became appropriate there were really only two possible places for my bed: between 2 doorways on one wall or between two windows on the opposite wall. So until now, I was never really happy with the configuration.

I had all kinds of wallpaper/paint combinations. When I first moved into the room, we put up subtle butterfly wallpaper with a Barbie border. Oh, yeah. I was so cool in Kindergarten. Then I wanted a Tweety Bird border. Then I wanted blue walls. So I had blue walls with a psychedelic flower border. Then I got a froggy border. Then around my freshman year of high school I decided I was sophisticated and wanted more than one color on the wall. That’s how I ended up with my napoleon ice cream color palate.

This was obviously the blue walls/psychedelic flower era. Yes, that is lighted garland around my dresser. I was big into decorating my room for Christmas back then and I decided that I really liked the garland and left it up all year round. That pink thing on the mirror is a candy wrapper. I also kept candy wrappers I liked back then. This was the bed/dresser I just recently got rid of, but in this picture I think it was pretty new.

Wow, I don’t remember those hot pink sheets at all. Why.

Okay, I thought these pictures were SO cool when I put them up, but now it’s a little embarrassing. And those pictures above the lights on the left were extra special–they were “in the spotlight!” Oh, goodness. Thank God I grew out of this room.

Oh my goodness. This was right after we got the walls painted. That awful desk. It was awful. Things got very lost in there. We got that caricature on one of our many Disney World trips and even though I didn’t think it looked like me, I insisted on having it on my wall. This was the era where I would steal lamps from around the house for my room because I thought it would look more “grown-up.”

Okay, I just have to point out how weird I was. In the bottom of the picture, that’s one of those cheap white standup shelves that I turned on its side to serve as a “side table” for that awful beanbag chair I think I sat in 5 times. And those things that look like books under my desk are actually tons of Sims games. Actually Sims is open on my computer, too.

This was two years ago, but until a few weeks ago this is what my room looked like.  The ivy, like many other things, was awesome when I put it up but very quickly became annoying. And I just never took it down. The only thing that changed is that for the past year or so, I’ve had the brown side of my duvet cover up instead of the polka dots. This is another era I’m happy to leave behind.

Thank God we evolve.


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