I mentioned in my last post that I redid my bedroom. I did indeed. I was getting really fed up with my room because it felt like it belonged to a 14-year-old girl (probably because that’s about how old I was when I redid it last).

It all actually started when my mom spilled some of the liquid from a scented plug-in on my dresser and ruined the finish. I asked her to fix it and she insisted that it would just be easier to buy a new one since it was kind of a crappy dresser to begin with. Then I thought, while we’re at it we might as well buy a new bed frame, too. And if we’re getting a new bed frame, we might as well get a bigger mattress. And if we’re doing all of that and I’m bringing a ton of junk home from school, maybe I should think about a total overhaul.

So I started looking at headboards online and decided I really wanted a fabric one. I shared some options with my mom and she said it would be a hell of a lot cheaper to make our own. That intimidated me and the process kind of halted after that.

Until we found this place.

SO MUCH FABRIC.This place was INSANE. It was a huge warehouse filled from floor to ceiling with every kind of fabric you could imagine. They had a makeshift cutting table right in the middle and everyone had to cut their own fabric. It was overwhelming to say the least.

We must have been walking around for close to an hour before my mom found this fabric and, I’m not exaggerating, I literally screamed “I NEED THAT.” We had seen this print in a different color at a local craft store and I loved the print but didn’t think a dark teal would really fit with my pink walls…so I kind of freaked out when I saw this.


We brought it home and, of course, it was perfect. I started getting really excited about getting this done, but my mom had “better” things to do so the folded up fabric sadly sat on my dresser for a few months.

The day after I graduated, I sat my parents down and said “This is the week. We’re finishing my room this week.” And we actually did! I worked on the headboard Monday-Wednesday, ordered new bedding and lighting Thursday and we found my dresser and nightstand on Friday! Now, it still isn’t completely finished but all of the decisions have been made and orders have been placed. Now we’re just waiting for the final deliveries.

Here’s what it looks like right now.

Let me tell ‘ya, that headboard was not easy. I mean, if I ever do it again it’s going to seem simple. But it was so emotionally stressful. First of all, I had to decide on a shape and I was torn between the shape I really wanted (which I ended up with) and the shape that would have been easier to deal with (simple rectangle). Then I had to make a pattern that was absolutely perfect down to the last centimeter. Then it was deciding how many layers of batting to attach (which was also a bit clumsy). And finally figuring how to pull the fabric just right when putting in the final staples. We bought some nails to put around the perimeter but after all of that, I couldn’t care less about adding nails. It looked just fine the way it was! And throughout this whole process I had to deal with a mother who doesn’t know how to walk the line between coaching and saying “This is your project. You figure it out.”

Oh, and by the way, part of this process was bringing my bedroom set down to the guest room directly below my room and bringing that bed frame and mattress up to my room. That was a sweaty job. I slept very well that night!

The next thing that came was my duvet cover, which I was a little bit skeptical about. My mom adored it and it was returnable so I got it, but I was prepared to not like it. I was surprised when it came and I actually somewhat liked it. And now that’s been here a few weeks, I actually love it.

Then my dresser and nightstand came and I really started to fall in love with this room.

My mom was really surprised with the style I went with (“It’s very Mad Men!”) but she’s admitted that she really loves it now, too.

(Notice the pictures and “Live. Laugh. Love.” I mentioned in a previous post!)

And of course Pooh means a lot to me, so he needed to be front and center. I made those pictures that are leaning against the wall for my dorm this year and loved them so much that they had to be a part of this room. It’s just little squares of fun fabric in cheap frames but they add so much! (Yes, those are indeed my textbooks for my current classes. I didn’t even realize they were there…)

I was bothered by the empty space above my bed so after thinking about homemade options, we decided to just go to Ikea and get some wall stickers. I had these in my dorm at school this year and loved them so I knew what I was getting.

It was a lot of work, but I love love love this room again!


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