Must Love Babies

I wasn’t planning on being a crazy baby person today, but then a little baby fell asleep on my shoulder and all I could think about is how much I love her. So here’s what she’s been up to at grandma’s house over the last few weeks.

She’s started wearing her sunglasses more often and I can’t stand how cute she looks!

I love these next few–my dad and I had gone to pick up my new phone (!) and stopped to get some coffee on the way home. J was pretty interested in my dad’s frappuccino so we let her try some!

20150410_112824 20150410_113426_001 20150410_113442_001

Of course a second after this next picture was taken, half of the remaining drink was all over the table…20150410_113445_009

And then she was feeling SOOO happy! Gee, I wonder how that happened 😉

And later that day, she was interested in the kitty!


It’s too bad she doesn’t have any pets that love her…


Here we go…


Let’s really grab him now!

Oh no! Where is kitty going?!


Okay, so maybe Charlie isn’t quite to the loving stage yet.

But J is definitely loving her swing!

20150410_155620Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go play with a little girl and her puppy! It’s a rough life, but, you know, someone’s gotta do it!


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