Embrace That Cheese!

I’m that cheesy girl that has “Live. Laugh. Love.” stenciled on the wall behind my bed. And above that cheesy phrase, I have a pair of picture frames that hold 16 of my favorite photos and memories. I first put it up there, oh I don’t know, probably 7 years ago. Well, this weekend I decided it was time for an update because I couldn’t stand looking at my awkward middle school years any longer.

First, I had to determine which ones I wanted to keep in there.

I’ll spare you the baby pictures, but this one has to be shown. This is mine and my parents’ favorite photo of me, like ever.

Little Carrie-6
Awww, cute little blondie in a strawberry dress!

Then came the new ones. Even though (or maybe because) I went through a phase where I wouldn’t allow my parents to take pictures of me, it was actually really hard to narrow it down!

My dad noticed that this boy didn’t make the cut last time, so I had to include my favorite puppy picture!

Seriously, this cuteness kills me.
Seriously, this cuteness kills me.

Since he’s figured out how to take photos on his cell phone, my dad has been taking pictures of my mom and I more often and I’ve actually been liking some of them! This was this year in Hawaii.

10884820_970005336362808_1347974942_nLast year in Hawaii I was taking selfies for friends and my mom snuck into a few of them. This was the first one she managed to photobomb and I love it not because of me, but because that’s a genuine smile from her and that’s really hard to capture in a picture.

20140104_090738While we’re on the Hawaii theme, even though I hate taking them, I’ve always loved family photos.

(Are you starting to sense a theme here? I don’t like to have pictures taken of me, but I love taking them and looking at them…Still figuring out how to balance that.)

20140108_102349-1I thought about putting a picture from my high school graduation in there, but every picture was after the ceremony when I was just getting tired. And it was dark. So that was out.

Then I looked through pictures from my graduation trip to New York with my brother. That was during my don’t-take-pictures-of-me phase, but he insisted and I’m glad he did because I like this.

IMG_5846Then, I mean, obviously you all know who else I needed to include. That’s right. BABY!

I love this picture SO much! Pure happiness. And that baby face. Oh, Juliana.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis was recently when I was feeling pretty jealous of my momma. I was taking so many cute Grandma/baby pictures and didn’t have very many cute Auntie/baby pictures so I told my dad to just take pictures every time I held her. And this gem was one of them.

If the last picture is pure happiness, this is pure love.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen I had one spot left and I knew exactly what I wanted.

This is my all time favorite family picture. It was the day we got my first dog, Larry, and our house was very new and I was a little sweetie!

Little FamilyYes, I am very much that cheesy sentimentalist. I happen to love my “Live. Laugh. Love.” And now, I can’t stop looking at all these pictures and reminiscing every time I walk past. Gotta embrace it.


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