The Breakfast to Cure Any Hangover

Okay, so I wasn’t out partying last night. But, I was pretty worn out from watching my sick niece yesterday afternoon and I was in desperate need of a delicious and filling breakfast this morning. I had been dreaming about this all night and couldn’t wait to get up and start cooking this morning!

My dad and I go to this cute little diner for breakfast once or twice a month and their “Hangover Breakfast Sandwich” was my inspiration for this dish.

There are essentially four parts to this dish:

  • Hash browns
  • Meat (I used Italian sausage, but you can use whatever meat you feel like)
  • Hollandaise sauce
  • One or two eggs overeasy

I started with the hash browns, because I prefer to make them from scratch. Nothing against the frozen ones, I just like the process of making my own.

(Keep in mind: I was making this for 3 people)

I peeled 5 potatoes…
…Halved them and then shredded them in this here device. If you have a device from this century, feel free to use that. I actually love this one, though.
This was the beautiful end result.

I then put the meat in the microwave to defrost and started on the Hollandaise, which happens to be the best sauce in the world. I put it on eggs all the time, whether they’re overeasy or scrambled really doesn’t matter to me. It’s just delicious. And then you leave out the cayenne and add tarragon and it’s heavenly on steak. It’s the best.

It’s a little intimidating the first few times, but it’s actually a really simple recipe.

I started by adding 2 egg yolks, 1 teaspoon of vinegar, 2 teaspoons of cream (I use heavy whipping cream, mostly because that’s what we have around most of the time), salt, pepper and a dash of cayenne pepper to the top of a “double boiler.” I use quotes because I just put a little bowl inside a pot with about an inch of water in it.

I whisked it all together and let it thicken over medium-high heat.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen it started to thicken, I turned the heat down to low and started adding 8 tablespoons of butter (1 stick) 1 tablespoon at a time only adding the next when the first was completely dissolved.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter I had added all of the butter, I turned the heat off and added a few drops of lemon juice. If you like the spice, now is when you could add another dash or two of cayenne.

When the Hollandaise was finished, I cooked up the hash browns and Italian sausage. When those were almost finished, I cooked the eggs. We each had one, but I wish I’d had two.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen comes the fun part: assembling!

I started with a layer of hash browns on the bottom. I added some sharp cheddar cheese on top of that, but if there’s any layer you want to skip, you can skip the cheese. Then I added the Italian Sausage on top of that followed by the egg. Then the whole thing gets drenched in Hollandaise. Mmmmm! So good!



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