You’re Not a Dog Anymore!

This was one of his chores when he was a dog.
This was one of his chores when he was a dog.

Ever since we got Charlie almost 5 years ago, we’ve had this theory that he’s actually our old dog, Larry, reincarnated. Now, we don’t know what Larry did to deserve this–we thought he was a pretty good guy!

Logistically it works out. Larry died in early June 2010 and Charlie picked us on my birthday in August 2010.¬†And I’m not kidding when I say he picked us. We walked around the kitty room at the shelter and as we walked past Charlie’s cage, he stuck his paw out and started waving at us. When we looked into his eyes, he started meowing and wouldn’t stop until I held him. If that doesn’t mean “take me home,” I don’t know what does.

We had also never had a dog and cat become buddies as fast as Cokie and Charlie did. We think that’s because they already knew each other and they just had to get used to the fact that Larry was now a cat named Charlie.

They play more than any other dog and cat I’ve seen, they kiss each other, they share food, they’re the perfect hunting team, and they still love to clean up the dishes together!

Larry definitely had to coach Cocoa on how to clean the dishes and make sure the door was spotless before we started it up and they used to double team it. One on the dishes, one on the door.

Now Cocoa does the dishes and Charlie does the door.

Larry the dog.
Larry the dog.

I love ya, Lare Boy. Thanks for coming back, even if it is as a cat.

Charlie, even though you’re not a dog anymore, feel free to keep acting like one!