For some spectacularly inexplicable reason, our hotel decided to shoot off fireworks last night.


To be fair, they did cancel their usual Friday night fireworks last week due to strong winds. But these were in a different location and there was an event going on on The Great Lawn just below our room.


No matter what the reason, they were very pretty!

And I wish I had a picture of my viewing position because I’m sure I looked pretty silly. Fireworks are too loud! You would think with all of this technology, they could figure out how to make fireworks quieter! But, anyways, I had my ears plugged and I was squatting because the balcony above us was blocking some of the view. Meanwhile, my dad was practically leaning over the railing to watch them and was cheering for the big, loud booms. Oh, father.

So pretty!

Anyway, they were very pretty and I thank whoever was responsible!


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